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List of Recent Updates to This Website   <== "thru" date on top entry in list
Current Notices From Webmaster    <== 07/13/18  NEW!! BHS60 domain soon to be bhs60.wfnisbet.com by end of this month(July)
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If you are a graduate of Beverly [Massachusetts] High School in the Class of 1960, or were ever in our class at any point along the way, this is your website. These 64+ pages also may be of interest to others that were in high school with us, i.e., members of BHS classes of '58, '59, '61 and '62. There are links to the Ryal Side Elementary School page, the unofficial Camp Herrick website, and to many other Beverly related websites. You can submit pictures to share with your classmates, and enjoy well over 1,000+ images and photos already published here.


Our classmates, who voted to establish this site at the 41st Reunion in 2001, hoped everyone will use it to get in touch and stay in touch. We want to be able to contact everyone for the next newsletter, and reunion invitations. Please keep us updated with your latest email address and especially your regular USPS mailing address. If we have your email address you will receive about 2-3 unsolicited emails per year, always about BHS '60 matters.


Here you can post bulletins within the guidelines of this site. Announcements will keep you informed. Perhaps you can help us locate "lost" classmates (see list)? Sadly, there is also a list of those known to have passed away. The Webmaster will help you contact your old friends from long ago if possible.


Rest assured that no personal information will be posted on this site without specific permission.


See below for a list of Recent Updates to This Website. Below that list appears a few current notices.

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===>  From 05/24/18  thru   07/11/18<==

Updated Items
07/11/18    Now you will be automatically redirected from bhs60.com to bhs60.wfnisbet.com
06/24/18    New story now on our True Stories Page ===>   The Bermuda Trip (spring 1959)   Why not email yours to the webmaster? Contact info


Your ticket reservation form will be emailed to you around June 10th, as a photo just like last year.

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Our Official Website is Moving to a New Location

I've added a subdomain (mirror site) on my personal website for our BHS '60 official website. The reason for this is to eliminate the website hosting fee for bhs60.com, for which in recent years we've had Herman Lemp most generously being the major supporter. I think it was magnificent of him to do so. Thank you very much, Herm, and thanks to everyone that has supported the website back to day one!

Two things will eventually result from this location (URL) change.

1.   The BHS Class of 1960 will not be paying for anything regarding our official website, once everyone is notified.

2.   The old domain name bhs60.com I will release, with some regret because I always thought it was kind of cool. I believe it can be transferred to someone else, but I really have no idea how that is accomplished nowadays or even if it is possible. They used to be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds pocketed by the ex-owner.

Official BHS Class of '60 website URL for the past 17 years, soon to disappear:               www.bhs60.com

New mirror site, a subdomain on my website and soon to be the only URL for the Official BHS '60 website - Please make note of this:      bhs60.wfnisbet.com   I am still checking to make sure the two sites are identical. If you see anything not identical please let me know, dead links and such. Hit reply here if you have questions. Thanks in advance.

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A Couple of Current Statistics

Whereabouts Unknown    bhs60.wfnisbet.com/oddstuff/missing.html#list

Deceased List, last first    http://bhs60.wfnisbet.com/oddstuff/deceased.html#list

Best wishes,
Bill Nisbet

===>  From 10/13/17  thru   05/23/18<==

Updated Items
10/14/17    Three pages of 55th reunion photos  Begin Here
10/13/17    Sad news: Gail Anne (Carson) Chelf, 73, died 05/10/16, at Charlton Memorial hospital, Fall River, Mass, cause unknown.  Click Here

===>  From 06/29/16  thru   10/12/17<==

Updated Items
1)  Sad news: Thomas J. Predka, 73, died Friday morning, February 17, 2017 at home in Peabody MA. Click "In Memoriam" tab at the top of any page inside website.
2)  Sad news: Nancy Pedrick (Smith) Mairs, age 73, died December 3, 2016, in Tucson, AZ. Click "In Memoriam" tab at the top of any page inside website. If you Google "Nancy Mairs" you will learn everything to know about this famous author.
3)  Revived feature: There was a time when I was tracking "lost" email addresses, but it was discontinued because folks were confusing names on that list with actual "lost" BHS '60 members themselves. I have revived the list of "lost" email addresses. The old page was "RECENTLY LOST CLASSMATES". Newly revived info will be in place and the webpage itself will be retitled. The updated list of "lost" emails will soon temporarily be on "RECENTLY LOST CLASSMATES" page inside this website.

===>  From 03/17/16  thru  06/28/16<==

Updated Items
1)  Sad news: Judith (McQueeny) Schultz, 74, passed away Friday, March 18, 2016 at home in Jacksonville, following a year-long battle with cancer. Click "In Memoriam" tab at the top of any page inside website.
2)  Sad news: Patricia (Johnson) Eldridge, age 74, of Wenham, passed away peacefully at home on April 17, 2016. Click "In Memoriam" tab at the top of any page inside website.
3)  Happy Thoughts: Tribute to Al Baisuck (d. July 23, 2012), from a friend, arrived by email Sunday, April 17, 2016. It's on this page. Find "CURRENT NOTICES FROM WEBMASTER" or use the link at the top of this page.
4)  Sad news: John S. “Jack” Cragen, 73, passed away on Tuesday, June 28th, at home, in his sleep, in Hamilton MA, Click "In Memoriam" tab at the top of any page inside website.

===>  Updates From 07/31/15  thru  03/16/16<==

Updated Items
1)  Changes have been made to some of the wording on the Home Page, particularly Website Sponsorship.
2)  One of our old favorite websites, beverlyhighalumni.com, was shut down without any warning several months ago, so all references to it are in process of being eliminated from here (bhs60.com) website. I used to suggest that short autobiographies be placed on that website on the Class of 1960 page, and I supplied links in several places to it from here. It was run by Beverly High School, and was useful to many BHS classes. Don't know why this happened.
3)  Died: Lucille L. (Durand) Fabri, 73, beloved wife of Robert S.("Bobby" "Red" "Donuts") Fabri, also BHS '60.
4)  Notice: “Coach” Bill Jenkins died on September 12, 2015. Click "Announcements" at the top of any page.
5)  A year's worth of website update information has been stripped off this page and added to the "Website Update & Change History."
6)  Bob Kerr, BHS '59 died - wife of Rosalie Pinciaro) Kerr, BHS '60 - see "Announcements" page

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Bye Bye BHS60.COM

I've added a subdomain on my personal website for the Official BHS '60 website. This eliminates the website hosting fee for bhs60.com that Herman Lemp has been so generous to pay for years now. I think it was magnificent of him to do so. Many thanks to Herm and all previous supporters, too!

Take Note, Hello ==> bhs60.wfnisbet.com

You will be automatically redirected from bhs60.com to bhs60.wfnisbet.com until bhs60.com is gone forever.

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Emails "Gone Bad"
Attention BHS '60 Members: I'm in charge of communications to BHS '60 members. Since the Reunion Committee will no longer pay for snail-mail except for the Reunion Invitations themselves, I am limited to email. It is very difficult to keep email addresses up to date, so I'd appreciate any help here that you can provide. This is a list of those of our classmates for whom I once had a valid email address that has "gone bad." The point here is without a valid email address a BHS '60 member is "out of the loop."

Complete List of 24 Emails "Gone Bad" as of 06-30-18

Alan Kaplan
Alice (Pierce) Dexter
Anne Couhig
Carol J. (Marshall) Regan
Christine (Saulenas) Noonan
Cynthia (Dix) Donahue
David Hackett
Don Searles
Donna (Green) Poirier
Elizabeth (Mavrakos) Kitsopoulos
Fred MacKenzie
John C. Macko
John Parmenter
John Warner
Joyce (Bixbee) Laroe
Martha (Wildes) Carr
Nancy (Cohen) Newman
Nicholas Civitarese
Owen W. Lowe Jr.
Raymond Chase
Ron Poole
Sorine (Johnson) Patton
Wayne MacDonald
Victor Farrington   <== latest lost

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Tribute to Al Baisuck (d.) From a Friend
From: David Knight <2dv8@outlook.com>
To: brandy_pond@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2016 3:43 AM Subject: BHS '60 Deceased Page Comments

I am inclined to write a short missive here in regard to Al Baisuck, a departed friend. I miss his quiet and soft spoken brilliance immensely. I was his friend for many years in silicon valley and feel it is worth noting Al was one of the great software architects and inventors of the high technology revolution. Al can be said to be responsible for the invention of Design Verification Software for integrated circuit design. Now an industry in the hundreds of millions. He leaves a trail of invention and innovation that will last for decades and longer. Al was truly brilliant and found time to be a wonderful human being as well. His innovation is missed and his sense of humor always remembered. Truly a great one.

All kind regards,
David Knight

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Letter to Share With the Class

In April 2015 Helen (Faulkner) Fraser died. Her sister, Pat (Faulkner)Vallely, handwrote a nice note about Helen that she wanted me to share with Helen's classmates. For more details and pictures, once in the website, click "In Memoriam" at top of any page.

Read Letter Here
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Older Website Changes

Descriptions of older changes to this website have been moved to their own page to clean up this page a lot.

Check Out Earlier Changes
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A Note About Facebook

There are quite a few of our BHS '60 classmates that now have a Facebook page. Facebook is the number one social networking website worldwide. It allows you to easily keep in touch with many friends at the same time. It is a bit superficial, but fun. There are others from classes that were at BHS with us, those in BHS '58, '59, '61, and '62. People you may know are joining all the time.

Check Out Facebook
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Beware of All "Reunion" Pay Sites

All self-described "reunion" and "find your long lost classmates" type websites are suspect, at the very least, and if you have to pay to join, or to get access to advanced features, positively so. The only way you might find anyone is if that person also happens to join the same website you did. These sites publish false entries with actual names of some of your classmates. Think of a fisherman baiting a hook, or putting out a chum line (chump line, in this case). Some of us joined one of these years ago, and proved this. Because I knew the actual location of 300+ member of BHS '60 at that time, I could spot the bogus entries immediately.

If you have to pay, don't stay

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Help!! Volunteer(s) Needed

NOTICE: I think this site needs a little reorganizing and revamping. We are open to comments and suggestion on this idea and anything else, for that matter.

PLEASE: If anyone with close ties to BHS Class of 1960 knows HTML, I could really use some volunteer help, on this site and especially the related Camp Herrick and Ryal Side Elementary School sites, as I do not really have the time to do everything properly.

Contact the Webmaster

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Attention BHS Classes '57 through '62: Some of our classmates do not have their yearbooks anymore, and some never had one. Occasionally I get a query asking if a yearbook is available. Please consider sending unwanted yearbooks to the address you see here. Not to get overly morbid, just realistic, let your future heirs know about this. Unfortunately, when we pass away our yearbooks are probably tossed in the trash, when they could be making another of our classmates very happy. Thanks in advance.

Contact the Webmaster

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